June is a Party Month

June in the U.S. is synonymous with weddings. And though I did make it to one wedding this month, I also found myself in a whirlwind of other celebrations: the World Cup, Rainforest… Continue reading

48 Hours in Penang

  I got two things out of this weekend: enough data to write a dissertation on the flaws of the Malaysian transportation system, and a crash course on Georgetown, the UNESCO World-Heritage Site… Continue reading

The Long Road Home

I am finding it higly disconcerting to have travelled so quickly between Koh Tao and Chumphon. Geographically they are no more than a tumb’s breadth apart, but culturally? Koh Tao could not be… Continue reading

Paradise, Full Stop

Wherever we go, we try it on for size. What would my life be like if I lived here? Better than x? On the first morning I was feeling very favourable about Koh Tao:… Continue reading

A Whirlwind Romance

Myanmar is the country you fall into bed with and wake up the next morning thinking “I don’t really know your name, but I think I could stay like this forever.” The initial… Continue reading

Temple Run

  Temples, Grafitti and Traffic seem to be the primary focuses of my shutter-lens on my most recent trip. Left with several hundred glorious pictures of stone stuff, and very little to say… Continue reading

Tioman Island Addict

After three trips in as many months, it’s safe to say I’m addicted to Tioman Island. Not that I’ve actually seen the whole island. To the contrary, I’ve been returning continually to the… Continue reading

Graffiti of Indonesia

What is it with  me and the graffiti? I’ll tell you what it is – street art is the pulsing heart of a nation, and the snippets I make while traveling tell me… Continue reading

Mersing: A Destination, Not a Journey

  Mersing is looked upon by most foreigners only as the jumping off point to Tioman Island, a place to spend the night if you happen to miss the last ferry. After living… Continue reading

Sayangi Kuala Lumpur

My last day in Kuala Lumpur has already become an instagram photo in my memory; the edges are blurry, the colors have both brightened and washed out, giving it the overall effect of… Continue reading

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