Satu America!

A mysterious metamorphosis happens to Americans abroad. While at home we are often fractured in our beliefs and apathetic about our country, when we travel those differences fall away. I have never before… Continue reading

The Journey

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Unless of course that journey is through an airport. Long journeys by plane are nothing more than a waiting game – a painful and exhausting… Continue reading

Thanksgiving in Brazil

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a dozen people all by yourself would be an adventure no matter what, but add in power outages and cultural differences and, well, it’s been quite a day. My… Continue reading

Graffiti of Valparaíso

Graffiti of Santiago

Elections in Brazil

On the surface, the Brazilian election system looks a lot like our own: democracy, multiple parties, electronic ballot boxes, etc. But the sheer chaos of the last few weeks has taught me otherwise.… Continue reading

The Orphanage in Sabará

There’s a happy little stream gurgling by alongside the road, and tropical trees laden with flowers dot its banks. The lushness of nature stands in sharp contrast to the poverty it surrounds.  Dilapidated… Continue reading

Sunshine in a Glass: Suco de Maracuja

One of my favorite things about South America has got to be the juice. Fresh juices of melancia (watermelon), laranja (orange), guayaba, abacaxi (pineapple), and manga (mango) are in every home and restaurant.… Continue reading

First Days

Your first days in an new country are an assault on the senses. Everything is new – the sights, the sounds, the smells. Adjusting to a new language can feel like sitting in… Continue reading

A Love Letter for Summer

There’s a crisp note in the air, and the leaves on the walnut trees are turning yellow and drifting away in the wind. It’s time to go. Athens is my hometown, the very… Continue reading

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